Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hey, It's Franklin

I was at a friend's house babysitting her kids. The kids were playing, the TV was on, and I'm in the laundry room sorting whites from the colors. The cartoon, Franklin, the Turtle, came on the TV, I heard the opening song, 

Hey, It's Franklin
Comin' over to play
Growin' a little everyday
Here he comes
With all his friends
They've got stories
Got time to spend with you
Hey, It's Franklin
Comin' to your house
Hey, It's Franklin
Comin' to my house
Hey, It's Franklin.

Suddenly I was transformed back to my house in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I could see and feel the sun coming through the sliding doors, I could see Sam, just a little boy, my little boy, sitting on the couch. He's watching Franklin. In my mind it all came back to me. I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to go back. I even said out loud, "I want to go back". Back to what seemed like a simpler time, back to being a stay at home mom taking care of my son, my husband and my home. 

Time goes by so quickly, That little boy of mine is now 17 years old. He probably doesn't want anyone to know that he watched Franklin. Every day throughout his life has been wonderful. I know that his father and I worked hard at raising him to be a fine young man and I do look forward to seeing the man that he will become. I'm just glad that there are little songs and cartoons to help me remember those wonderful days of his childhood.