Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old Book Mini-Album

A friend of mine asked if I would make her a small album that she could store/display all of her cards (birthday, anniversary, etc.). So this is what I came up with.
I have been seeing on the internet how you can make a mini-album by using an old book. Check here for one of the blogs that I follow, she makes several albums by using old books.
So I went to our local thrift store and found this book for $1.00. I thought the title on the spine was a good fit for the kind of album she was looking for.
I then took out all of the pages on the inside, leaving only the hardback cover. (you can either save the pages to use again for another project or just throw them away.) Then I embellished the front and back. I used two rings to bind the book. (you can find these at an office supply store.) I used grommets to help make the holes sturdier. (the grommets I used I found a Joan Fabrics in the sewing department. they are longer than the grommets I had bought at a scrapbook supply store.)
I also made dividers, this way she can organize her cards accordingly.
When I gave it to her she was very much surprised. She said she thought I would just put a couple rings into the top of 2 pieces of card stock and call it good. You're kidding right? No it has to look pretty.

(Sorry about this picture, it was right side up when I downloaded it.)