Saturday, February 18, 2017


I have not journal-ed/blogged/posted anything in a week or maybe longer. So much of the everyday life has gotten in the way. Time was not given to creativity. Time was given to the needs of others.

This past weekend the Preacher and I had a few hours of our own time. In that time I was able to slow down and read more, art journal, make doodles, just be creative for myself.
I found a Pinterest pin showing how to draw paper airplanes.
I read a couple of articles in this last issue of Art Journaling magazine. They were by women who lost their creativity. It left them feeling dry, feeling lost. But in both of their stories they didn't forget about their love of creativity. So they kept looking and seeking out times where they could create. At first it was just a few minutes, here and there, then it was maybe an hour taken out of the day. What helped was leaving their supplies and the ariticles they were working on, out in the open – on the dining table, in the middle of the living room. Where ever they could see it as they walked by so they could write something or paint, glue, cut paper – just something small if need be. 
My interpretation of a piece I found in an article in Art Journaling.
For the past several months I too have felt the same feelings as these women. There was no creativity and no desire to do anything about it.

How can I find my creativity again? 
A Bible Journaling page I did for the Preacher's life verse.

First, I have been spending time browsing books and publications of the same things I am interested in. Learning from people who have the same love of paper, paint and glue. It also means searching Pinterest for ideas. I like to find drawings and try to recreate them, put my own spin on the drawings.

Second, I realized the secret is to spend time everyday writing, drawing, painting, coloring, gluing, doing anything that sparks the creative juices to flow again. Once I do these things, I think it might come back.
My interpretation of art by Romi Lerda
I have also learned through this that there are only a set amount of seconds, minutes and hours in the day and in those seconds, minutes and hours I need to set aside some time for myself.

Love from the Preacher and I

Thursday, February 2, 2017

He is Still My Little Boy

While looking through the pictures that I have on my camera's SD card, I found this picture.
The Preacher and I and our son were talking to one another through Skype back in December. When it is daylight here, it is night time where he is. So, while talking he decided to climb into bed and pull the covers over his head.

When I first found this picture I thought about erasing it because it is a little grainy and blurry. I was taking a picture of the computer screen. But then I saw that face. My son's face. I saw the little boy that he had been. I saw my son, not as an adult, not as a soldier, but as my little boy.

He has been through a lot over this past year. Some of the things he has been through I can relate to and I know exactly how hard those things have been. But there are other things that I will never be able to relate to. He has seen things and has been to places that I will never see. He has had to endure quite a bit in his twenty-first year of life. More than I ever did at his age.

But through all of it, we have prayed for him. Prayed that his Father in heaven would look after him. We have prayed for his well-being, physically and emotionally. 

He is our son. There are no conditions put on the love that we have for him. 

Even though our children grow up, move out of our houses, go to college, have families and purchase homes of their own, they will always be our little boys and girls. 

If you have an older child get out a picture of your son or daughter. Look at it real close. Do you see that little girl or boy that they once were? I'm sure you will. They are still in there wanting nothing more than for you to love them.

Love from the Preacher and I