Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We Are A Team

Last week was stressful for the Preacher and I!

It all started the Friday before. I was coming down the stairs in our house, a tray in hand, not looking where I was going. I got to what I thought was my last step, but was really two steps too short, and I went head first onto the landing. Everything I had on my tray and my body went forward but my right leg and ankle didn't. It stayed on the second stair up. I felt something pull and pop in my right ankle. It turned out, after having x-rays taken, that it is not broken but badly sprained. There was 3 days in bed staying off of my ankle.

During the next week the Preacher had so many appointments, not to mention a church service where I was not there to help get things ready. There was a doctor's appointment that took 3 hours out of his busy day. There were meetings and counseling appointments. There were calls from several people in need of food, gas money, and rent money. All of these calls were referred by our local community resource center. The Preacher has some funds available through our local ministerial association, but it always seems to be not enough. That in itself makes these calls stressful.

And if all of that wasn't enough – when would he find time to prepare two sermons? One for a funeral and one for the next Sunday's worship?

Everyday he would come home with such a look of exhaustion, stress and defeat. He knew that I couldn't help because of my injury, but he was wishing that I could take some of these burdens from him. And so was I.

I began to realize just how much of a team we are, the Preacher and I. We have worked side by side for the last 18 years. When one of us is sick or when one of us goes out of town for an extended stay, the other suffers just a little.

 I know some people say they just couldn't work with their spouse but we would not have it any other way.

Even if you are not able to work side by side, we recommend that you think of your spouse as your team mate. Some one who is there that can help you in good and bad times. Someone who can alleviate the worry or stress. Someone who you can bounce ideas off of. And someone who is there to laugh and cry with you.

Go Team!

Love from the Preacher and I

Friday, January 6, 2017

Living Intentionally

For the next several weeks the Preacher will be doing a sermon series on setting goals for 2017. Goals that will pertain to all areas of your life, from spiritual goals to family goals.

The week before January 1, the Preacher was studying for this new series and we were talking about our goals. Our personal goals. Neither one of us are very good at New Year's resolutions. Honestly, we don't even make them.

But this seemed to be different. Setting a goal to live your life intentionally by knowing who you want to be, how to contribute, and choosing to touch the lives of your family, friends, and your church.

We also discussed selecting a word for the year. I'm sure you have seen on social media people discussing what word that reflects the life they want to live in this new year. The Preacher has not selected his word, but I have decided to choose the word 'Creative'. To live creatively.

2016 was not my year for creativity. I felt stifled by family issues and the worries that came with having a son in a dangerous, far away place. (A mother does worry, no matter how much faith she may have.)

My first goal was to put together all of the books that I have purchased but have not read. I decided that this would be the first step. To get back into reading. I love reading and I believe that through books your creative mind can grow. 
(The books that are in the picture above are just a few. I have three magazines from Stampington & Company that I just purchased last month. I also have several books in my wish list on Amazon!)

My next goal is to get into my scrap/craft room and clean it out, purge all of the things that I don't need any longer. Then I would like to put a fresh, colorful coat of paint on the walls.

I need to live more intentionally and as the months progress through this new year I will begin to add more goals. I thought this was a good place to start though. For the Preacher and I – well we need baby steps.

Love from the Preacher and I