Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bengals, Egyptian Maus or Mixed Breeds

We are in the beginning stages of looking for a cat. A cat that wold be an indoor pet. We need one that would be a good lover. One that would love you and enjoy being a part of the family. One that would get along with Max, our Labrador. So we have been looking at 2 different breeds online. These are the two that my son would like to have. One is the Bengal and the other is an Egyptian Mau. Both of these are very expensive breeds, so I am thinking we just need to adopt one from a pound or from Pet Smart, some place like that. We have searched and searched the internet but nothing so far. I have emailed 3 or 4 catteries but no one has any kittens yet. My son is so excited and just can't wait to get a cat. I think a mixed breed. Would be just fine and a whole lot cheaper. Well we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Mother-in-Law, Joan

This lovely lady was my mother-in-law, Joan Smith (Joanne). Unfortunately she had a stroke on Dec 25, and passed away on Dec 27, 2010. The Christmas and New Year holidays took on a whole new feeling. While the rest of the world was celebrating we were in shock and in mourning. It was hard to read all of my favorite blogs and hear them talk about what a wonderful time they had and tell of their New Year's resolutions. All of that did not seem to matter this year.
We spent the first week of 2011 driving back to Indiana for a memorial service with all of our family. It was wonderful seeing everyone but also bittersweet.
The memorial we had here in Colorado, at our church, Yuma Christian Church, was a celebration. We celebrated her life and her love for all the people who had come to know her as "Grandma". The church was packed with standing room only. Some came because they wanted to honor her and others came to honor her son, my husband, Don. It was a wonderful service.
This picture is of her at her favorite places in all of the world, Estes Park, Colorado, at her favorite restaurant, Nick's Steak House, and her favorite hotel, Deer Crest Resort. She and her husband used to stay here when they would vacation in Estes Park.
She will be forever loved and missed. (Our home seems way to big now.) But we have the assurance of knowing that we will be reunited with her and all of our loved ones that have gone on before us. We all will meet in our Father's House.
For all of you who are out there that sent cards or flowers or even sent up a prayer for our family, we just want to say thank you for everything.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

You Tube

December was a complete roller coaster of a month. I will post more on that as time goes by. I'm not really ready to talk about everything that has happened. But until then here is a you tubes that I would like for you to look at. On Sunday December 26 my son presented his first communion and offering devotions at church. Unfortunately my husband and I were not able to be there. (When I explain more about Dec you will understand why.) A friend of ours took a video of them and posted them on you tube so that we could see him. His dad and I are very proud of him. I hope you not only enjoy the video but that you will enjoy his message.
Sorry but I'm not able to get the video to upload, so I hope you will go to You Tube and search the title Two videos will come up, please look at both of them.
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">"Sam Smith Devotions" .
1-7-11 Update - I am now home on my own computer and I was able to download the two videos that I was talking about. I hope you enjoy.