Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Church Dog

Today I thought I'd introduce you to our puppy, Sergeant!

He is our Soldier-son's dog, but the Preacher and I have custody of this little guy while our son is away.

A year ago while we were at our little town's small festival called Old Thresher Days, our son visited the small petting zoo (I'm using this term very loosely), and there he saw some puppies and kittens that were either for sale or for free. He had been wanting a new puppy since his other dog, Max (you can read about Max here), had passed away just 3 months before. While there, he saw three little border collie puppies and he fell head over heels for this little dog.

He just had to have this cutie.
Then, just 2 months later, our son raised his right hand and took the oath to protect his country and off to basic training he went. Now the Preacher and I have custody.

Let me explain how he has become the Church Dog. From the very beginning, before our Soldier-son left for the military, he would bring little Sargy to church with him on Sunday mornings. They would sit on the back row and you would never know our son had a dog with him because Sargy would just lay either in his arms or on the floor under the seat, never making a sound.

After our son left, the Preacher and I began bringing him into work with us here at the church and we would bring him with us on Sunday mornings. He stayed in our office during the service and after service I would put him on his leash and let him play outside. The kids would come and say hi and play with him until their parents were ready to go home.

I never considered Sargy to be the church dog until I read an article that one of our Elder's had written for our church's monthly newsletter, In the article he talks about the joy of seeing the children having fun at church. He asked the parents to think about seeing their children "running up and down the stairs or the kids who play with the Smith's dog after church." 

And then one day our Worship Leader was taking pictures after church of the kids playing out in the front yard and he took a picture of Sargy, posted it on Facebook, and called Sargy the Church Dog. And there you have it, our dog is now the official Church Dog!

Does your church have an official church dog or cat?

Sergeant ;) The Church Dog

Love from the Preacher, Sargy and I